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Printed on Econscious 100% Organic Cotton, eco-friendly t-shirts AND long sleeves. This special edition design is dedicated to environmental awareness and the incredible #Unlitter movement. It contains a straw, a spoon, and a rope hidden amongst the octopus tentacles to represent how easily pollution can be created without even knowing the harm that is being caused. Check out https://www.unlitter.org to learn more about what you can do to "Unlitter" the world, your mind, and/or your business. For more information about Econscious visit https://www.econscious.net/pages/how-its-made and do your part to be eco-friendly.

Unlitter x Urban Turtle

  • Limited amount printed: Short sleeve and long sleeves will be first come first serve. Use the promo code "UFstudent" if you attend UF, do not need shipping, and can pick up on campus.

  • If you are a UF student, you do NOT need to pay shipping, use promo code "UFstudent" at checkout and pick up on campus. If you are a non-UF student, an additional shipping fee may be requested prior to delivery. Also note that this is a proof, and the colors will be more of a vibrant neon.